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Quick Tips

When not in use or when being stored, place your E*Blunt device with the mouthpiece pointed downward.

Your E*Blunt device requires a minimum of 4 hour charge time with a fully depleted battery.

Always ensure the parts of the device are securely screwed together (snug but not too tight) before use.

Complete Operating Instructions

Components & Assembly

Your E*Blunt device includes and/or requires 4 primary components: the battery, E*Blunt naturally flavored oil cartridge, mouthpiece and charger.

Assembly Photos Coming Soon!


When your battery needs a charge, unscrew the E*Blunt cartridge from the battery, counter-clockwise. Next, screw the battery onto the USB charger in a clockwise rotation. Plug the charger into a USB port. The charge indicator light will be red. When the E*Blunt battery is fully charged, the indicator light will turn green.

Battery Warning: We recommend using only genuine E*Blunt batteries to ensure the proper function of your device. If you choose to risk using a different battery, it must have a minimum capacity of 280mah, and do not produce/draw more than 75watts.

Operating the Device

Ensure the device is fully charged or has a remaining charge. With a cartridge screwed onto the battery, and a mouthpiece attached to the cartridge, simply draw/puff on the device. It will auto-activate to heat the naturally flavored E*Blunt oil to enjoy your favorite flavored vape. If your device has a button, press the button while simultaneously drawing/puffing on the device.


The cartridge is not designed to be removed often. When storing your E*Blunt, leave the device full intact and keep the mouthpiece pointed downward. Keeping the mouthpiece pointed down will ensure the naturally flavored E*Blunt oil will remain in the cartridge, ready for the next time you want to enjoy our signature, genuine, naturally flavored vape.

Repair or Replacement

Do not attempt to repair your device. Contact E*Blunt or your participating retailer to purchase a new E*Blunt or inquire about a replacement.

To replace your cartridge, simply screw a new E*Blunt naturally flavored oil cartridge onto the device/battery and you’re on your way to enjoying our signature, flavored vape. No mess, no hassle… and no fowl! Refilling the cartridge is not an option. Once you have depleted your cartridge, you may purchase a genuine E*Blunt replacement cartridge at your nearest participating E*Blunt retailer.