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Welcome To E * Blunt

About Us

E * Blunt was developed in Alaska where the weather and elements don’t always allow for ease of smoking. Whether it was snow machining up the farthest peaks, skiing down an untouched mountain, fly fishing out of the back of the a boat or teeing off on the back nine, keeping a joint lit or even just dry was a constant battle. So with a lot of patience from my wife and many sleepless nights I set out to make a great tasting, discreet and easy way to smoke. With the help of some great people and a lot of good effort we are proud to present E * Blunt flavored vapes. The easy to use, great tasting, healthier way to consume. Enjoy responsibly in extreme places everywhere.

Our products are discreet, convenient, tasty and we want to make them available to all but we can’t do it alone!

We want to make this fantastic well sourced great packaged product available to all sizes of gardeners, producers and processors. You do not have to have a top of the line machine or a 1000 light grow to join the E * Blunt brand. (It doesn’t hurt if you do… but it’s not necessary).

Our Products

E * Blunt Slims

E * Blunt Slims are rechargeable with a USB attachment, comes with a stylus tip and can be used with any exchangeable cartridges.

E * Blunt Vials

E * Blunt Vials are available in many delicious flavors! They are easily exchangeable and replaceable and are designed to use with our E * Blunt Slims.

E * Blunt Stogie Mini

The E * Blunt Stogie Mini is discrete with a look of a small cigar and holds 600mg of delicious oil. It comes with a chewy tip for a real cigar feel and is so small you can carry it almost anywhere.

E * Blunt E-Pipe

More information coming soon.

More products coming soon!

Stay tuned and connected on our social media to find out about fresh new products. Remember licensed distributors get the first scoop, so sign up with us today!

Available Flavors

• Blackberry
• Coconut
• Green Apple
• Kiwi Strawberry
• Mango
• Pineapple
• Tropical punch
• More coming soon!
• Have an idea? Let us know!

Distribution Licensing

We are very confident that our products will be extremely popular and beneficial to many patients and we want everyone to have access to it. But we can’t do it alone.

We are proud to provide the opportunity for a licensing contract. If you are a provider and would like to process and distribute E * Blunt, contact our sales and distribution staff to find out if you qualify.