Experience Fruitopia.

Delicious, Electric Flavors

Kiwi Strawberry Flavored Vape

Green Apple Flavored Vape

Pineapple Flavored Vape

Mango Flavored Vape

Blackberry Flavored Vape

Apple Flavored Vape

Grape Flavored Vape

Coconut Flavored Vape

Operating Tips

When not in use or when being stored, place your E*Blunt device with the mouthpiece pointed downward.

Your E*Blunt device requires a minimum of 4 hour charge time with a fully depleted battery.

Always ensure the parts of the device are securely screwed together (snug but not too tight) before use.

Safe shipping

Our products are shipped with full compliance in plain outer packaging to ensure safe and discrete deliveries.